I ended up here as a plan b…and then an accident on top of that. I was in my way to Yama in Beaver…when I realized that they are not open until 2:30 on Sunday. Then, was headed to Wooden Angel. ..but oooops. Wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and ended up here instead. It was a bit loud… and the decor was interesting. ..but the service was quite pleasant. Actually was 5 star service. Always a fresh drink. Plates were promptly removed.

I ordered stuffed shrimp, mash, & a salad with honey mustard. The salad was iceberg (getting used to it again) but was fresh and crisp. The dressing was good. I sampled my dad’s french onion soup. It had a lovely flavor. I wish I had ordered that!! My baked, stuffed shrimp was quite tasty. I felt guilty from the butter …but the flavor was good. The mash…um…pretty sure that the mash was from a box. Didn’t like that. I also ordered some caramel apple nut pie to bring home. I really enjoyed this! In fact, next time I might order a bowl of soup and piece of pie! Soooo goood.

Overall. ..not too shabby.

A. Lynn B.
Las Vegas, 11/17/2013