Tuesday: Grilled Cashew Chicken Salad

Our Tuesday special changes with the season. For the fall and winter:

When it comes to fantastic salad choices, we have the best selection around. Whether you’re in the mood for chicken, fish, meat or no meat at all; you will find a winner that will charm and delight you. Among our customers’ favorites is our Grilled Cashew Chicken Salad with bacon. It’s topped with fries and oh so good. Try it with our sweet and sour home made dressing, which has been popular here at Bert’s Wooden Indian for generations.

Ask About Our Other Specials

Cream-of-chicken-over-BiscuitsHomemade Cream of Chicken over Biscuits – This hearty meal is too good to miss. Simply two biscuits with cream of chicken with carrots, peas, onions and celery. Packed full of favor and so plentiful.


hot-roast-beef-10-23-14Seeking comfort food, our Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with fries and gravy would be perfect. It’s a heartwarming favorite among many of our customers and when we have mashed potatoes available it becomes even more endearing.


chicken-wing-munchiesOur Wing Platter has 12 breaded wing dings that make for a great appetizer or a fantastic meal served with celery and your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing . We have an array of choices to choose from: regular- no sauce , dry hot, buffalo style, honey garlic, honey mustard, honey mustard barbeque, barbeque, or zesty ranch
We keep our Baked French Onion Soup simple. Our semisweet and savory broth delivers big flavors with Swiss and Monterey Jack cheese melted over croutons, which creates a better crust. It is a must have each time you come to Bert’s Wooden Indian.