Thursday: Paninis

Our Thursday special changes with the season. For the fall and winter:

Panini sandwiches  Our kitchen changes up this fantastic grill pressed sandwich using  Italian bread and filled with a delightful combination of ingredients served warm and paired with soup or fresh fruit. Check out the “specials board” or call on Thursdays.

Ask About Our Other Specials

meatloaf-sandwich-special1Homemade meatloaf sandwiches or dinners – Depending on if your in the mood for a comforting sandwich or dinner we have you covered with our meatloaf  special . Our homemade meatloaf is packed full of favor with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy it’s simply divine.
hot-stuffed-banana-peppers-800Hot stuffed banana peppers – you get two or three depending on size. they are stuffed with a homemade sausage meat with breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese.
munchie-platter1Our Assorted Munchie Platter is a sample of some classic favorites which are : 5 hot wings, 3 cheese sticks, 3 broccoli and cheese poppers, 3 jalapeno and cheese poppers, 3 mushrooms, and 3 onion rings. We have salsa, chili jelly, ranch, and marinara sauce that are perfect for dipping.
baked-french-onion-soupWe keep our Baked French Onion Soup simple. Our semisweet and savory broth delivers big flavors with Swiss and Monterey Jack cheese melted over croutons, which creates a better crust. It is a must have each time you come to Bert’s Wooden Indian.