Sunday Specials

Breakfast Served Sundays from 11:00am to 2:00pm

[table td1=”Egg Dishes” td2=”Cost”] [td1] Brunch Special (2 eggs any style, home fries, Choice of meat, and toast)[/td1] [td2]$6.59[/td2] [td1]Breakfast Croissant (one egg, choice of cheese and meat)[/td1] [td2]$4.99[/td2] [td1]Breakfast Croissant Platter (Breakfast Croissant, home fries and fresh fruit garnish)[/td1] [td2]$5.99[/td2] [td1]Eggs Benedict with home fries (ask server if available)[/td1] [td2]$5.99[/td2] [/table] [table td1=”Omelettes with Home Fries and Toast”  td2=””] [td1]Supreme Omelette (includes: bacon, sausage, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and green peppers)[/td1] [td2]$8.19[/td2] [td1]Bacon and Cheese Omelette[/td1] [td2]$7.59[/td2] [td1]Ham and Cheese Omelette[/td1] [td2]$7.59[/td2] [td1]Veggie Omelette (includes: onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms)[/td1] [td2]$7.29[/td2] [td1]Cheese Omelette (includes: cheddar, mozzarella, and provolone)[/td1] [td2]$6.79[/td2] [/table] [table td1=”French Toast” td2=””] [td1]Two slices of French toast with meat choice[/td1] [td2]$5.49[/td2] [td1]Two slices of French toast with meat choice and one egg[/td1] [td2]$6.59[/td2] [td1]Three slices of French toast [/td1] [td2]$4.49[/td2] [td1]Two slices of French toast [/td1] [td2]$3.59[/td2] [td1]——————————————————————————————————————–[/td1] [td2][/td2] [td1]Small Fresh Fruit Plate[/td1] [td2]$3.79[/td2] [/table]

Dinner Specials

We rotate our Sunday dinner specials every week:

Stuffed cabbage – two stuffed cabbage, with mashed potatoes covered in red sauce, served with a salad and a roll.


stuffed-green-peppersStuffed  Peppers– two stuffed peppers, with mashed potatoes covered in red sauce, served with a salad and a roll.


half-rotisserie-chicken-dinnerHalf Rotisserie Chicken dinner- Half a rotisserie chicken dinner, served with your choice of potato, salad and a roll. Potato choice (fries, curly fries, veggie, onion rings) when available mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, rice pilaf, baked potato, broasted potatoes, or red skins. Salad choice – tossed salad, soup, veggie, applesauce, (when available coleslaw)


baked-french-onion-soupWe keep our Baked French Onion Soup simple. Our semisweet and savory broth delivers big flavors with Swiss and Monterey Jack cheese melted over croutons, which creates a better crust. It is a must have each time you come to Bert’s Wooden Indian.